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  • The William Shatner Store

    1975 Star Trek Spock Kite Vintage


    These are sold as is as a collectible item.  They are plastic kites from 1975.  Back in 1975 Star Trek went into syndication and an entire new generation of fans found the series and it's what launched its huge popularity.  Conventions began and toys...

  • Playmates

    1993 Playmates Ambassador Spock Figure


    Name: Ambassador Spock Brand: Star Trek  Theme: The Next Generation Type: Action Figure Action Figure Size: 5" Year: 1993 Manufacturer: Playmates Asst No: 6070 Stock No: 6027

  • Playmates

    1993 Playmates Captain Scott 4.5" figure


    From 1993 Playmates Captain Scott from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The figure comes accessorized with Playmates Collector Card, Star Fleet Action Base, engineering monitor, bioengineering tools, multi range light source, & a black Dilithium...

  • Playmates

    1994 Playmates Mr. Spock from The Cage Pilot


    1994 Spock from the Cage Unaired Pilot The figure comes accesorized with phaser, Communicatr, Monitor, Landing party Kit  This figure has a wide pricing range on the secondary market from $15 to $60.

  • Playmates

    1996 Playmates 30th Anniversary Figure Captain Kirk


    1996 Playmates 30th Anniversary of Star Trek TOS 4.5" Action Figure of Captain Kirk in Casual Uniform.   The figure comes accessorized with: Exclusive Skybox Card Starfleet Action Base Communicator Phaser Tricorder Captains Log   This figure...

  • Playmates

    1996 Playmates 30th Anniversary Figure Janice Rand


    Star Trek Playmates 1996 4.5 Action Figure 30th Anniversary Figure: Yeoman Janice Rand Comes accessorized with: PADD Tricorder Communicator Phaser Starfleet Stand Exclusive 30th Anniversary Skybox Collector card This figure runs upwards of $40 on...

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Ilia Probe on Card


    1997 4.5" Ilia Probe from Playmates. The figure comes accessorized with the silver/grey version of the Voyager Probe along with a Starfleet action base. The figures are individually numbered on the side of the bubble.  

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Nurse Chapel on Card


    1997 Playmates 4" Nurse Chapel on Card. this figure goes for $25-$40 on secondary markets. Christine ChapelSickbay Nurse, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701Asst. No. 6430Stock No. 6447Starfleet Accessories:* Medical Tricorder* Anabolic Protoplser* Hypospray*...

  • Playmates

    1997 Spencer Gifts Exclusives - Sulu and Scotty (pair)


    1997 at the height of Playmates Star Trek Action Figure collecting Spencer Gifts (along with the store at Space Camp) offered these two exclusive figures from the Pilot Episode of Star Trek.   These figures on secondary markets go for $25-$40...

  • The William Shatner Store

    AMT Star Trek Captain Kirk Model


    1994 New Old Stock AMT/ERTL 12 inch vinyl model of Star Trek's Captain Kirk.  All you need is glue and paint.  Sold as a collectible.   Captain James T. Kirkby AMT/ERTLCategory: Miniatures & GamesGenre: Star TrekModel - Science FictionProduct Line:...

  • The William Shatner Store

    Faces of Kirk Poster


    Faces of Kirk Poster from early 2000's.   This poster is part of our old stock. We found a batch of them and are selling them once again at an incredible price.   The poster shows William Shatner as the many different versions of Kirk from Star Trek: The...

  • The William Shatner Store

    For the Love of Spock Doc Promotional Tshirt


    Adam Nimoy's Homage to his father Leonard Nimoy became a reality due to a successful kickstarter earlier in 2015. One of the kickstarter "swag" items was this I Grock The #SpockDoc t shirt. The shirt is a 50% cotton polyester blend in blue heather with...