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  • Star Trek The Motion Picture Epsilon IX Tunic


    Super Rare Tunic from the Epsilon Station in Star Trek The Motion Picture.   We acquired this costume over 15 years ago after the Christies and other sales of wardrobe and props from Paramount.  This tunic was created for the Epison...

  • Playmates

    Playmates Masterpiece Edition Picard


    From the Shatner Archives.   1997 Playmates Picard Masterpiece Edition Action Figure.  This 12" figure has been detailed to the very highest standards of the time and includes a hardcover book "A Star to Steer Her By" A biography of...

  • Deep Space Nine Quartz Wrist Watch


    1993 Vintage Star Trek Deep Space Nine Digital Quartz Wrist Watch by Hope Industries.   These watches are sold for collectible, display purposes only.  They are hermetically sealed in their original plastic packaging and are case fresh...

  • Star Trek Book of Lists by Chip Carter


    The NOOK version of this book sells for $12.99 at Barnes and Nobles in the US.   Spanning the epic science fiction franchise’s fifty-one-year history, a breathtaking collection of the most compelling Star Trek facts and trivia, including...

  • Treknology Hardbound Book


    Retails for $30.00 at Barnes and Noble in the US! Be amazed by 25 iconic pieces of tech from the Star Trek canon and the science behind how they function with Treknology. You will not believe how close we are to achieving some of them...

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Ilia Probe on Card


    1997 4.5" Ilia Probe from Playmates. The figure comes accessorized with the silver/grey version of the Voyager Probe along with a Starfleet action base. The figures are individually numbered on the side of the bubble.  

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Edith Keeler on Card


    1997 4.5" Edith Keeler action figure from the TOS Episode "A Piece of the Action".  The figure comes accessorized with a stand (not pictured), a Coffee Pot, a Coffee Mug, a Typewriter, and her Hand Bag.

  • Playmates

    Playmates Grand Nagus Zek Action Figure


    1995 Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - GRAND NAGUS ZEK FERENGI GRAND MASTER OF COMMERCE Playmates Asst. No. 6430 - Stock No. 6444  Individually Numbered Action Figure Complete with Exclusive Skybox Space Caps and Galactic Gear Skybox...

  • Star Trek Mad Libs Book


    21 Stories about Star Trek Publisher : Mad Libs; Csm edition (April 5, 2016) Language: : English Paperback : 48 pages ISBN-10 : 0843183640 ISBN-13 : 978-0843183641

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Nurse Chapel on Card


    1997 Playmates 4" Nurse Chapel on Card. this figure goes for $25-$40 on secondary markets. Christine ChapelSickbay Nurse, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701Asst. No. 6430Stock No. 6447Starfleet Accessories:* Medical Tricorder* Anabolic Protoplser* Hypospray*...

  • The William Shatner Store

    Faces of Kirk Poster


    Faces of Kirk Poster from early 2000's.   This poster is part of our old stock. We found a batch of them and are selling them once again at an incredible price.   The poster shows William Shatner as the many different versions of Kirk from Star Trek: The...

  • The William Shatner Store

    Rawcliffe 1993 Ensign Chekov Pewter Sculpture - Shatner Archives


    Rawcliffe Pewter Star Trek Ensign Chekov Manufactured in 1993 by Rawcliffe Pewter. Item number: RF1772 From Star Trek comes this miniature pewter sculpture of Ensign Pavel Chekov This item is from Mr. Shatner's Archives.  There are two of them in the...

  • The William Shatner Store

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture 40th Anniversary Paperback


    Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture with this classic movie novelization written by legendary Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry!The original five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise to explore strange new worlds and to...

  • The William Shatner Store

    Star Trek TMP Action Figure Set - Limited to 1701 sets


    A Diamond Select Release! The first action figure release from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, this two-pack features the illustrious Admiral Kirk and Commander Spock! When a mysterious alien force known only as V'ger begins destroying ships and heading...