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  • Playmates

    Playmates Masterpiece Edition Picard


    From the Shatner Archives.   1997 Playmates Picard Masterpiece Edition Action Figure.  This 12" figure has been detailed to the very highest standards of the time and includes a hardcover book "A Star to Steer Her By" A biography of...

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Ilia Probe on Card


    1997 4.5" Ilia Probe from Playmates. The figure comes accessorized with the silver/grey version of the Voyager Probe along with a Starfleet action base. The figures are individually numbered on the side of the bubble.  

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Edith Keeler on Card


    1997 4.5" Edith Keeler action figure from the TOS Episode "A Piece of the Action".  The figure comes accessorized with a stand (not pictured), a Coffee Pot, a Coffee Mug, a Typewriter, and her Hand Bag.

  • Playmates

    Playmates Grand Nagus Zek Action Figure


    1995 Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - GRAND NAGUS ZEK FERENGI GRAND MASTER OF COMMERCE Playmates Asst. No. 6430 - Stock No. 6444  Individually Numbered Action Figure Complete with Exclusive Skybox Space Caps and Galactic Gear Skybox...

  • Playmates

    1997 Playmates Nurse Chapel on Card


    1997 Playmates 4" Nurse Chapel on Card. this figure goes for $25-$40 on secondary markets. Christine ChapelSickbay Nurse, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701Asst. No. 6430Stock No. 6447Starfleet Accessories:* Medical Tricorder* Anabolic Protoplser* Hypospray*...